Stu spent 15 years trying to figure out how to live with purpose in the private sector. These days, he calls himself a "recovering entrepreneur".




Stuart Kibbe is an educator, coach and creator. His first book is a raw manuscript challenging men to courageously face their pain and explore what it looks like to vulnerably love themselves. (2024).

Stuart was integral in the start-up teams of two Christian churches, providing hope, meaning, and community to thousands of people over a period of 10 years of active ministry. His work with London-based charities, which included impact in capacity development, capital raising, program development and management as well as coaching and mentoring, gave hope to and inspired hundreds of disadvantaged youth in central and east London, while empowering adults to create social impact and find fulfilment in their lives outside of their career.

For fifteen years, he founded and managed two businesses, partnering with several of Switzerland's most influential business men and women as well as helped pioneer the managed IT services model in the SME sector in Switzerland.

Stuart's growing consulting practice helps individuals across races, cultures and creeds deal with the complexities of their lives and situations. Stuart's online programs, drawn from a decade and a half of sweat, blood and tears of entrepreneurial and marital / parenting experience, help people get acquainted with and connected to their heart, understand how they are designed and take action to better their own lives.


Raised as a third culture kid, living in two very different economic worlds "between mom's house and dad's house", Kibbe climbed the tallest mountain in Europe with elite Himilayan guides, raced and medaled in the prestigious Scottish Islands Peaks race, played basketball with future NBA jocks, competed in the Ironman Triathlon series, ran a marathon through the ghettos of Gaberone Botswana, did business with future petrol and heavy industry magnates, has mingled with billionaires and has cultivated long-lasting relationships with many of his clients. He’s been a dishwasher, brand representative, gardener, sports coach, newspaper photographer, bar sever, mentor, IT manager, capital raiser business owner, and urban missionary.

He’s taught theology to doctors, lawyers, and businessmen; worked with prestigious groups such as the Kofi Annan Foundation to facilitate Mr Annan's digital security in his work post UN Secretary General; helped grow and support a vibrant community volunteer base to serve the disadvantaged in central London, trained hundreds of young professionals in Geneva in practical self-leadership skills; lectured and coached over 50 couples in their preparation for marriage; Built replicable systems, processes and software models for a real estate development business, used by other budding property entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, and spoken to audiences of over 500 people on questions of life and purpose.

His greatest achievement? His 4 amazing children.


Stuart has been integral in the launch of a start-up which supports small and medium size businesses which want to strengthen their human capital and increase employee performance. Approaching the challenge from a workplace happiness and human connection perspective (supported by research from McKinsey Global Institute), Grace Education Group provides strategic consulting and science-backed learning journeys that develop personal, team and company-wide skill-sets leading to measurable improvements in employee performance, engagement, and productivity.

In 2024, driven by his passion for human connection, Stuart is launching a digital brand called CREATIVECOACH directed at coaches, consultants and solopreneurs who want to strengthen trust and connection with their prospects and clients. These practical courses address key business start-up pains with practical DIY, DWI and DFI (do it yourself, done-with-you and done-for-you) solutions applicable to any microbusiness or nanobusiness owner.


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